Apply For Services

Applying for services is easy and we can help you along the way.  Once you send in your application, we will contact you to verify your information and then schedule an in-home visit by our home previewer.  This visit typically takes about an hour.  The previewer will gather information about the repairs needed at your home, which will include taking photos of specific areas that need repair.  The previewer will also share information about our organization with you during this time.  Once the preview is complete, we will determine if the project is a good fit for our programs and will notify you.

We prioritize the homes of older adults, individuals living with a disability, families with young children and active and retired members of the armed services.  We prefer to work with homeowners who have owned their homes for at least two years.

If your project is one we can take on, we will identify volunteers, secure the money for building materials and contact you with a work date.  We will also assign a House Captain, who will begin the process of planning, organizing and scheduling the delivery of materials.

Selected homeowners are required to attend an orientation session or take part in a phone interview.  At that time, we talk about the workday and discuss your responsibilities.

We do require that all able-bodied homeowners and family members join in the work.

There is never a cost to the homeowner for the work we do; however, we do expect the homeowner to sign an agreement that they plan to remain in their home for a minimum of three years of the project date.  Please note that some homeowners will be asked to commit to remaining in their homes for up to five years, depending on the funding source.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for our services, the homeowner must:

Live in Saratoga County;

Own and live in the home for which they are applying;

Have a household income that meets HUD’s low-income guidelines;

Have no outstanding real estate taxes and be current on mortgage (or lot payment); and

Be unable to complete the work themselves.

Priority is given to those who have lived in the home for two years or more.  We also give priority to older adults, individuals living with a disability, families with children and active and retired members of the armed services.

This is an Equal Opportunity Program and applicant eligibility will not be based on race, color, national origin, age, sexual orientation, sex, religion, familial status or disability.

Homeowners can download an application or request a paper application by calling our office at 518-587-3315.

Income Guidelines

1 person: $45,950
2 people: $52,500
3 people: $59,050
4 people: $65,600
5 people: $70,850
6 people: $76,100
7 people: $81,350
8 people: $86,600